Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S™ Hardware Root of Trust security verification framework prevents system security exploits arising from the development and system integration of Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT). An HRoT is a minimum set of hardware and software that is trusted to provide security functions such as key management, device identity authentication and run-time monitoring of the system. HRoTs are gaining wide usage for securing the IoT (edge to datacenter) and datacenter secure compute and storage applications. Every secure system moving forward will have an HRoT as its foundation.

With HRoTs becoming the foundation for security for every system, properly ensuring 1) the HRoT itself is built securely and 2) the HRoT is securely integrated in a larger system is fundamental to ensure system security. A vulnerability in the root of trust itself or its configuration in a larger system can have disastrous consequences affecting all parties across the whole value chain.


Radix-S Hardware Root of Trust Security Verification Framework

Radix-S is a software package that identifies security vulnerabilities in your HRoT design or implementation. Whether you develop your own HRoT, or integrate one into your larger system, Radix-S scans both a system’s hardware and software during the pre-silicon design and verification simulation stages to identify any system-level security vulnerabilities. Identifying security vulnerabilities at the early stages of the design with Radix-S allows designers to prevent the vulnerabilities before deployment.




Radix-S ships with set security threat models that span both hardware and software along with a framework for detecting violations of the security threat models. Radix-S takes as input the hardware root of trust design files (RTL) and the software executing on the HRoT to identify any violations in the security threat models. Radix-S does so by leveraging the customer’s existing functional verification environments, so deployment does not require additional resources or modifications to existing engineering infrastructure.

Radix-S helps prevent against:

  • Unprivileged access to customer proprietary or confidential data
  • Unauthorized access to keys used to sign and authenticate boot images
  • Side channel leakages of critical customer information
  • System-level compromises arising from Hardware Root of Trust misconfigurations
  • Undetected system architecture security gaps

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