Radix-M, the second product in Tortuga Logic’s Radix™ series, is an industry-leading hardware security platform that performs firmware security validation on full system-on-chip (SoC) designs.


SoC design teams run emulation to ensure their firmware is operating correctly. Traditionally, the only way to assess firmware security has been through a tedious, manual process that does not adequately identify vulnerabilities directly associated with the hardware, where the majority of exploits occur. In addition, product engineers largely rely on parameters set by security architects to secure their configurations, often resulting in a disconnect between the two teams that allows exploitable vulnerabilities to go unnoticed.


Radix-M addresses this need as the first automated security validation platform for firmware and SoC designs. When integrated with commercial emulation systems, such as Cadence Design Systems’ Palladium Z1, Radix-M runs an entire software stack on the hardware, simultaneously analyzing both parts of the system to ensure complete security. This in turn greatly increases the detection and prevention of security vulnerabilities that may be lurking in the system’s Root of Trust.


By identifying firmware vulnerabilities in modern SoCs before they enter the market, Radix-M reduces the risk of security exploits in the field and saves SoC companies significant time and resources.



Capabilities and Key Benefits

  • The world’s first firmware and SoC security validation platform utilizing commercial emulation platforms
  • The ability to run an entire software stack during security validation, enabling the detection of the most complex system security vulnerabilities that may exist in your Root of Trust
  • Greatly reduces the risk of a security exploits in the field


The Radix-M™ series also includes Radix-S™, a security verification framework that detects exploits arising from the development and integration of a Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) in system designs.


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