Hardware Security Verification Services

At Tortuga Logic we recognize that not every team has the skills and resources to provide the desired security assurance for projects underway. Our team of security verification experts are available to provide on-site hardware security consultancy services to detect and prevent vulnerabilities in your system-on-chip (SoC) or FPGA designs. We provide expertise and technology using Tortuga Logic’s Radix™ products to identify pre-silicon security vulnerabilities due to architecture, implementation or software/firmware configuration errors.


The key benefits of Tortuga Logic’s hardware security verification services are:

  1. A comprehensive independent security assessment report for use across management and with your customers
  2. Access to Tortuga Logic security experts and industry leading Radix technology
  3. A repeatable and scalable process to address security of your entire SoC or FPGA design for your current and future projects


We have expertise in systems based on Rambus, Synopsys, and Arm and customer proprietary architectures. For a more detailed case study on Rambus’s CryptoManager Root of Trust, please download a briefing of the security assessment report:


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