Tortuga Logic provides a Hardware Security Assessment Service (HSA) for a client’s SoC design. An HSA checks a specific design whether it is the total chip, subsystem or IP block and has 2 main components:

  • Security Threat Model
  • A check to ensure there are no vulnerabilities exploitable by the Threat Model within the tested design

 The SoC Designs covered include: RTL, RTL + firmware, and can include on-chip test circuitry. The HSA does not include, off chip software or any physical (i.e. “side-channel”) attacks.

The HSA follows a 6 step process with a set of handoffs, reviews and deliverables between a client and Tortuga Logic.  The process proceeds as follows:

1)      Scope the Design and Threat Model

2)      Proposal

3)      Tortuga Design Access

4)      Security Threat Model Agreement

5)      Assessment

6)      Deliverables


To learn more about the HSA process or for pricing, please email  Info@Tortugalogic.Com.