Datacenters continue to grow tremendously in order to handle the most advanced workloads being deployed today. Because of the heterogeneity and complexity of these workloads, datacenters are utilizing multiple new computing paradigms, ranging from GPU computing to onboard FPGAs. With these changes, an enormous amount of computing can be done on the same physical hardware. While this is great for performance, it poses certain security risks such as breaching confidentiality between stakeholders. Hardware isolation is extremely important to ensure that data from one entity's software running on a datacenter machine is not compromised because of inadequate hardware design.

Tortuga Logic's products enable hardware design teams to identify security vulnerabilities in datacenter chips and peripheral hardware. These security vulnerabilities are undetectable using today's methods of hardware security verification. Once Tortuga Logic's products are deployed, datacenter operators and users alike can rest assured that data is not being compromised due to a hardware security design flaw.


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