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First Spectre, now BranchScope — another vulnerability in Intel processors

"Researchers from four universities discovered a new vulnerability in Intel’s processors dubbed as BranchScope. The problem resides in the method a processor uses to predict where its current computational task will end, aka speculative execution. By exploiting this flaw, hackers with access to the PC could pull data stored from memory that’s otherwise inaccessible to all applications and users. "

Windows 7 Meltdown patch opens worse vulnerability: Install March updates now

"Microsoft's early patches for Intel's Meltdown CPU vulnerability created an even bigger problem in Windows 7 that allowed any unprivileged application to read kernel memory."

‘Tamper-Proof’ Crypto Wallet Hacked by 15 Year Old

"Ledger boasts that it’s crypto wallet hardware is tamper-proof, however this claim appears to have fallen flat on its face after a 15-year old French hacker claimed to have successfully broken into it."

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