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Key iPhone Source Code Gets Posted Online in 'Biggest Leak in History'

"Source code for iBoot, one of the most critical iOS programs, was anonymously posted on GitHub."

Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera

"When Amazon launched its Amazon Key service last month, it also offered a remedy for anyone—realistically, most people—who might be creeped out that the service gives random strangers unfettered access to your home. That security antidote? An internet-enabled camera called Cloud Cam, designed to sit opposite your door and reassuringly record every Amazon Key delivery.

But now security researchers have demonstrated that with a simple program run from any computer in Wi-Fi range, that camera can be not only disabled but frozen."

Intel releases updated Spectre and Meltdown patches for Skylake systems

"After previously releasing unstable patches, Intel has now launched a microcode update for Skylake systems."

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