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Secure Development Lifecycle for Hardware Becomes an Imperative

"Given recent events, its time for chip makers to take a page from the software vendor handbook and step up their game in heading off potentially costly threats. "

Intel expands bug bounty to catch more Spectre-like security flaws

"The program is now open to all security researchers, not just by invitation, and includes sweeter rewards for discovering exploits. You now get up to $100,000 for disclosing general security flaws, and there's a new program dedicated to side channel vulnerabilities (read: issues like Spectre) that offers up to $250,000 through December 31st, 2018."

Linux hacked on to the Nintendo Switch thanks to CPU flaw

"Hackers have been hard at work on the Nintendo Switch during its first year in circulation, successfully exploiting its browser and paving the way for homebrew software. The latest development sees hackers run Linux on the hybrid console, thanks to a flaw in the processor."

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